“I tried Stray Bean for the first time last night and I was so impressed! I used the Coconut & Lime and it smelt amazing (kind of like a Pina Colada). I also noticed the formula wasn’t as rough and dry as other coffee scrubs I have tried before, which was a big selling point for me. The coconut oil left a really nice soft feeling to my skin, but not greasy. I also loved that the packaging wasn’t cardboard or paper, so I’ve left my pack in the shower (the packaging looks super cute too)”.


“Stray Bean Simply Coffee Body Scrub is the perfect edition to my tanning routine. I use it both before to prep and also to remove the tan. When prepping it leaves my skin smooth and the perfect base for an even tan. It also makes removing the tan so simple! It is definitely an essential I can’t live without now, and the pouch looks so cute in my shower (bonus it is waterproof)”.


“I’ve tried a few other coffee scrub brands, but Stray Bean is by far my favourite! There is minimal mess which is ideal for my white bathroom and my skin was supple and soft afterwards. I’m looking forward to trying the Garden Greens next!”